Calculate The Value of a Stock in Seconds

Two Stock Valuation Methods

  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • PE Model

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The secret to making market betting returns is to keep your estimates conservative, identify quality companies with great management and be patient for the right time to buy and sell. To do this you need to know a range of possible Intrinsic Values for a given Investment.


  • Increase Your Investment Returns
  • Reduce Your Risk of Over Paying for a Stock by Knowing its Intrinsic Value.
  • Quickly Determine if a Potential Stock Investment meets Your Investment Criteria
  • Save Time by Importing 10 Years of Financial Data into a Stock Valuation Spreadsheet with the Flexibility to Modify the Data.
  • Quickly and Easily Calculate the Value of Stock Enabling You to Spend More Time Analyzing Your Assumptions vs Performing Calculations.
  • Learn How to Value Stocks

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation Model

DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Valuation approach is the widely accepted as the appropriate way of determining the value of a company. The DCF Valuation Model follows the same techniques used by Warren Buffet and other great investors. The model calculates the present value of a company's future free cash flows to determine its intrinsic value.

The process of calculating the value of a stock can take hours. With the aid of Importing Financial Data from public financial web sites directly into an excel based Stock Valuation Model and focusing on a few key value drivers, reduces the valuation time down to a few minutes.

Five years of financial data is imported into an excel Stock Valuation spreadsheet as well as a few other parameters. Once the financial data has been imported into the Stock Valuation Model it’s a snap to calculate the intrinsic value. You simply input 6 value drivers on the valuation sheet.

Do not worry about calculating the above values; the tool does it for you. The Stock Valuation Model will give you the historical average value for the past 10 years, 5 years, 3 years and trailing 12 months as well as analyst expected growth rates.

Rate of Return Calculator

The Valuation Tool also calculates your expected return based upon the stocks current price and its Intrinsic Value. I've found it very beneficial to add to positions once the expected rate of return meets my minimum investment target and start reducing my investments in existing holding once the expected rate of return is no longer attractive. This process takes a lot of the emotions out of investing and allows you to put your money to work on your best ideas with the highest returns.

No Equivalent Stock Valuation Tool Exist

I challenge you to find a Stock Valuation Tool that even comes close to matching this Stock Valuation Model. I've not been able to find anything close. Out of necessity, I've created a stock valuation model and have been enhancing it for years. The stock valuation model is versatile enough for seasoned investor looking for ways to reduce the valuation time but easy enough to use by a beginner investor.

Power of Compounding Returns

The Stock Valuation Model will give you an edge enabling you to reduce your risk and increase your returns.

I've been able to consistently average a compounded average return between 12% to 15% a year and you can too by using the Stock Valuation Model.

A compounded annual 15% return enables you to turn $10,000 into

  • $44,402 in 10 years
  • $93,564 in 15 years
  • $197,154 in 20 years

The secret to making these returns is to buy high quality stocks below their intrinsic value.

A few extra percentage points of return compounded adds up to large sums of money.

Bonus 1- Investment Guide - FREE

The Investment Guide walks you through the stock valuaiton model formulas so that there is no mystery behind the valuation.

Over the years, I’ve narrowed my stock selection to stocks with a few key traits that follow the teachings of the worlds greatest investor Warren Buffet. I will share with you these key traits and how to utilize the model to screen for them.

Bonus 2 - PE (Price to Earnings) Valuation Model- FREE

The PE (Price to Earnings) Stock Valuation is a good reality check against the DCF Stock Valuation. Large capitalized stocks that have consistent operations often sell for a premium to their DCF intrinsic valuation which might warrant a blended valuation between the two valuation approaches. The Stock Valuation Tool will automatically generate a blended stock value.

Bonus 3 - Recommended Book List - FREE

Over the past several decades, I’ve read about every investment book that I could get my hands on. Needless to say this is a large $ investment as well as time commitment. I will save you thousands of hours of reading by narrowing this list down to three books that has had the most impact on my investment approach and valuation techniques. The information in these books are directly applied in the Stock Valuation Model. You do not need these books to utilize the model but they provide additional insight into the valuation process.


I cannot express how much I appreciate the work you have done to put a valuation tool at my fingertips. I believe it is the right tool for any professional who wants to do the work for themselves and having to do the input for each stock adds an element that doesn't exist with other tools. I've noticed how cavalier analysts are with valuation work to justify the result they look for. This tool is the real deal and you can quote me on that. C. J. Liepman, AAMS Executive Vice President

Thank you for your outstanding customer support! Shangyi

Thanks Daryl. It's a great model and the supplemental document (howtovaluestocks.doc) explaining HOW the model works was extremely helpful as I would never use any model without thoroughly understanding it's assumptions and calculations. I'm currently a level II candidate in the CFA program. I purchased your model as a starting point to creating my own model. Your model's assumptions are fairly consistent with those of the CFA Institute with the exception of using the investor's required rate of return as the discount rate. Like you and Buffet, I share the same opinion in using this alternative discount rate. Regards, Sean

This is best stock valuation calculator that I've been able to find. Everyone that is serious about value investing should have this program. Thanks Clifton Wofford

I just bought your product, and it is excellent. I found it easy to use and helpful. Jim Ondyak

Valuation Model will Do the Following for You

  • Learn how to value stocks so that you can make excessive returns

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Option 1: You could choose to do nothing. If you are completely satisfied with the gains you are currently making at the rate you are making them, then this option probably makes sense. But lets face it; you probably would not have read this far if you weren't motivated to achieve a Higher Rate of Return on your investments. Lets take a look at your other option.

Option 2: You could invest a boat load of money and time researching and developing a similar model. No point in doing this. I've done the leg work for you. I've spent thousands of hours using and refining this model over the years. This tool provides so much value for the money that it almost immeasurable.

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If you have any questions or issues feel free to contact me:

Daryll Bohrer 319-431-9338

Disclaimer: The Stock Valuation Model will improve your chances of selecting solid performing companies; however, investing in stocks has inherent risk associated with it that could result in a significant lost of your investment. I recommend investing in quality companies that have solid balance sheets and a competitive moat to minimize this risk.

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